Small Business Owners

Together we will develop a strategic plan that fits your unique business and is connected to your overall marketing plan.

Providing Small Business Owners with a thoroughly researched, detailed and highly effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • Objectives
  • Budget
  • Target Audience
  • Social Media Audit
  • SEO
  • Strategic Social Marketing Plan

This plan will begin with a discussion about your goals, objectives and budget. It will include research to learn more about your target audience; this will not only help to select relevant content for sharing, but also determine the specific tactics to be used on the appropriate social media platforms.

We’ll assess your current social media presence by conducting an audit, if you are already active. Followed by social listening; what are people saying online, about your business, or a similar type of business if you’re not yet online, how are they searching for this type of product or service.

We’ll also look at improving your SEO, and choosing the message and strategy for reaching your customers via (email, search engine marketing, social media, etc.)

Tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign to ensure it is on track to meet your business objectives is an important component, which is why selecting and implementing the metrics beforehand is also vital to a comprehensive strategy.