It’s Farmers Market Season

 Cedar Farmers Market 

Sundays 10-2  June-September

Just 15 minutes from Nanaimo – Impressive in so many ways!


An idyllic setting, grassy fields, country air, beautiful mountains in the background and friendly people directing you to a very large amount of free parking! Should be an even better year for the folks at Cedar Farmers Market, now that they have Krista their new Market Manager; friendly, social media savvy and full of energy! A relaxing vibe with vendors, who are more than happy to take the time to chat, answer your questions and share a few laughs.  Vibrant and busy but much less crowded than what I’m used to in the lower mainland;  having so much more space, certainly helps.


The local entrepreneur community is thriving here! From large and small and everything in between, some who shy away from social media because they want to remain small to those with a major online presence and bricks and mortar shops.  Accomplished artists and seasoned business professionals; all passionate about their product(s).

Many are Chief Cook and Bottle Washer………………an old English saying of my mum’s, it means they do it all.


Like, Susan Taylor of  Taylor’d Metals she’s the artist behind these unique, whimsical hand stamped metal designs and the marketer.

Love her sign below!


Which lead me to a local coffee brewmaster!

Misty Ridge Coffee Roasting Company  and another hilarious sign A family business, Grandpa roasts the beans and Grandma and Granddaughter do the selling!  They offer a variety of beans, including Arabica, Shade Grown Organic Beans that can be shipped to you within 48 hours of roasting; now that’s fresh!  They also offer their coffee to discerning local coffee houses and to the ever so happy customers here at Cedar Farmer’s Market.Misty Ridge Artisian Coffee

Beans  So Fresh, They Ought To Be Slapped






Loved the enthusiasim of this shore-side assistant, Tia, I think?

A great tag team; her husband catches the fish and she employs some “Catchy thematic sales techniques” Way to go Hub City Fisheries.       

There are a few of these  “You Gotta Eat Here”places too; Taco Revolution serving up mouth-watering, spicy pulled pork tacos!



For the more romantic types, there’s the stylish crocheted dresses, aprons, tops, capes and socks; that likely make fellow crocheters, a wee bit jealous!

You never know what you might come across or what you might learn when you enter the gates of a Farmer’s Market that you’ve never been to Herstory………………… I had the pleasure of chatting with the ladies who run the Cedar, British Columbia Chapter of the Women’s Institute.  They are part of a national organization that dates back to 1897; among other weighty achievements, they founded the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children in Victoria, the BC Children’s Hospital and were successful in their lobby to change the Dower Act. It was rewritten in 1947; requiring a husband to secure his wife’s written consent, prior to selling the family home. Historical Women’s Institue


Live music every weekend; I enjoyed the lively Konsorados duo.


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